Monday, March 22, 2010

A tasty morsel about our 2010 haunt

From now until October we will be releasing little tasty morsels and tidbits about our upcoming 2010 haunt. So be sure to 'follow' us and check back to see what we're up to. Now onto this first little tasty morsel....

We are very fortunate in that every year our haunt gets repeat visitors...even from our most modest beginnings. The one thing that we weren't able to do up until last year is make each trip through the haunt a little different. We often have visitors that the first trip through just wasn't enough and while we have provided many things to look at, paired with some memorable experiences, we didn't feel we achieved all that we really wanted. So the second trip through was moreso to discover visual items they may have missed on the first trip... that is... until last year.

Because this year we have more people interested in helping (and of those some who are very interested in not just doing one thing), we'll be able to provide a somewhat new experience with each trip through. That means more fun for the actors and more screams for YOU!

Because we have increased the size of our haunt, sometime in the near future we will be holding a call for more actors as our 'attractions' keep growing and growing. So if you're interested, keep your eyes peeled for our actor call!


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