Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whud're We Up To?

Wow! it's been a while!

Since our last post we've attended a fantastic fang workshop hosted by the fabulous Nightmare Playgrounds. We learned a lot and had great fun doing it! Pics posted over at the facebook page.

We've completed the first set of character drawings for our Halloween Haunt. About to begin working on a new set, so the wheels are spinning :)

Recently made a purchase of 1 inch foam board, wood, pvc, clear tubing and pipe insulation ... the build is officially ON! We still need to take a trip back to the home improvement center for some garden stakes and string to really get a feel of our layout in the new LARGER space :) Ideas are-a-flyin' so we need to see what's really do-able.

Coming in May - a class right up Lynette's alley - airbrush makeup. Lynette will be bringing CJ along as her model - look for pics posted over on our facebook page. And speaking of makeup ...er...prosthetics.... we've made a few homemade latex prosthetics ! It was our first go - so they're a bit rough, BUT, the lasceration one is a def. keeper! We also found a really cool site online where we'll be purchasing some prosthetics. Check out http://www.nimbacreations.com That site tickles our happy spot! How to vids, kits, various different appliances....its our kind of candy store !

Tasty Morsel Alert !!

Kudos to Amber for the idea of a "Plastic Surgery" Halloween-style theme, which will be a new addition to our haunt this year. This area will include a waiting room and surgical center....but that's all we're giving up for this "Tasty Morsel".

With the addition of the new space and new "attractions" we've also discovered that we are definitely going to need more actors! So at some point we'll be doing an actor-call. If you're local and you're interested, send us an email : Deathworkz@gmail.com

Now we're off..........to begin working on the entrace of the haunt!


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