Sunday, February 28, 2010

A funny...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Its Official.....The Crazies is a Great Flick!

We just got back from seeing it and i'm happy to report -
it was awesome!

Personally, i'm not the type that jumps at everything and I have to admit i jumped twice. CJ jumped once (to which I laughed at him) and allyssa had her fingers over her ears a few times during the movie :) Hubby jumped at LEAST once, and tried to hide it - but I saw it. LOL GREAT flick!

You wont get any spoilers here though - I wouldnt want to ruin it for anyone. So put it on your "movies to see" list - I dont think you'll be disappointed.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Halloween 2009 Slideshow - Just a Tidbit


I am SO excited! The Crazies opens up tomorrow and i'm SO gonna be there!
The trailers look fantastic and hey, Timothy Olyphant isnt hard to look at either!

As for the Halloween goins' on....
I've recently joined the group "NorCal Haunts" and am SUPER excited about attending the classes. I missed one this year - so I need to be sure not to miss anymore.

Zombie Makeup perfecting.
This i'll be starting up again soon. Here's a pic of what I did to my youngest son last Halloween. It looks way better in the dark.

I'm trying to figure out a way to post our Halloween pics from last year on here without making a whole post of pictures. I want to do a sort of slideshow so i'll be checking into alternatives.

For those of you wondering about the profile pic. Here's a larger version of my oldest son from last year. I MUST add... we ran out of time with his costume. It was going to be even better...but...then again..there's always this year ;)

The wall behind him is a wall we build with pallets and chicken wire. It's a "corner unit" type of thing. The box in front of him was a "scare" - my youngest son would pop out of it when he wasnt jumping out of our tree in the front yard. We have to change it up because we have many repeat visitors :) You cant really see it - but josh has meat on his ribs.... haha - he actually had ribs on his ribs. LOL. Cant wait to see the spin he puts on his costume this year.

Josh is always the first attraction of our Haunt...its how we figure out who is brave and who isnt. We had a "chicken clause" last year for the chickens..but..this year - it's NO MERCY lol.

Wellp, time for me to log off, so thanks for visiting and we hope to see you here again soon :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brand New Blog !

We figured it's about time we get a blog/website together. This is where we will be chronicalizing our Halloween Haunts, projects and more!

Soon we'll be posting a gallery of pics from past years. We have a video walk through from our 2008 Haunt that we're hoping to get online and LOTS of pics from 2009.

We'll also be posting the projects we're working on as well as posting links to sites we like to frequent... er... stalk ;)

So be sure to "follow" our blog and we'll see ya next time....